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Smoking Dragon Artworks
Web Design for over a decade.
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The WEB PORTFOLIO is what it says, a look at the websites we've designed (or maintained) over the past decade that are still active on the Internet.

We do WEB HOSTING for anyone who might need it for your website, blog, shopping cart, or other online situation. Unless you're doing something superduper spectacular, the service we offer should give you everything your site needs.

Oui Knit SocksOUI KNIT is a small group of knitters who create lacey cotton socks in the summertime and sturdy wool socks for the chill of winter. We also create hats, scarves, mittens & gloves, fruits & vegetables, creatures and lace! There are a lot of good knitters where we live and we do our best to keep up with them. 2012 was full of Happy Solstice hats and short snippets of laces made for A Melo Place for use in the wide range of crafts and artworks being done there.